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Shannon Watkins is the founder of Breathing Blessings and was born and raised in Dumfries, Virginia.  She is a proud mother, daughter, sister and aunt. Community service is always at the heart of all she does.  Shannon’s involvement in serving her community with the biking community gave her the opportunity to form a bond with a member of her bike club. Shannon and her friend Keeisha West developed an incomparable friendship built on sisterhood, community service, and their love for motorcycles. Heartbreakingly, in 2014, Keeisha suffered a severe asthma attack which she did not survive. From that day forth, Shannon made a commitment to provide support to her community in ways which would honor her dearest friend. She was inspired by the very cornerstones on which her friendship with Keeisha was built: the desire to impact their community directly, and spread love and hope to those who are the most vulnerable. Founding Breathing Blessings in Keeisha’s memory in 2014 became the vehicle in which Shannon could continue the tradition of community service that had connected her heart with Keeisha’s.  Shannon has taken a personal oath to breathe blessings into her community to ensure support of the underserved population. With the help and support of the community she serves, and, in honor of her friend, Shannon hopes to continue providing opportunities and resources for underserved individuals for many years to come.      

Tonya Berryman Hill is the sister of Keeisha West and was born in Stafford, Virginia.  She is a proud mother, grandmother, and sister.  In 2014, Tonya joined Breathing Blessings as the Vice President of the organization. Her goal is to positively impact her community and honor her sister’s memory.  Tonya has always been involved in giving back through community service.  As a member of Ms. Understood Riders bikers club, and the motorcycle community as a whole, Tonya has a wealth of experience in various kinds of community endeavors.  She enjoys volunteering at homeless shelters, assisted living facilities, and school functions just to name a few.  Tonya feels her time is best served making a difference in the community she calls home, and serving with Breathing Blessings is making her dream a reality.

Sheryl Greenhow is one of newest members to join the Breathing Blessings team. She is a native of Stafford, VA and was served by various local charities throughout her childhood. Sheryl was born as the 4th of 6 children and understands the struggle of hard-working families trying to survive with humble resources. With the firsthand experience of how effective charitable support was for her family, she is passionate about giving back to the community who once helped her. She lives fiercely by the golden rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated.

When given the opportunity to join Breathing Blessings, she jumped in whole heartedly. Serving with the organization combines her passion for helping her community as well as honoring her dear friend and high school mate, Keeisha West. Keeisha’s lust for life and big heart for her family and friends is something that motivates Sheryl to this day. Keeisha was the epitome of ‘ride or die’ and her reliability and loyalty drive the organization to make a difference and honor her memory well.

Sheryl enjoys traveling, taking cruises, watching a good Hallmark movie, and relaxing when given the chance. She is a dynamite baker and is always on the hunt for new recipes to try.

Sheryl brings to the table her 20+ years of management experience, attention to detail, and her interest in event planning as our Secretary of Breathing Blessings. She is excited to be a part of this organization and is looking forward to bringing blessings to families in this area.

Stephanie Greenhow recently received her Bachelor’s Degree from Strayer University with a concentration in Human Resource Management. Stephanie believes in giving back to her community and non-profit organizations hold a special place in her heart. She is very passionate about the things Breathing Blessings is doing for the underserved population in her hometown and surrounding areas, and she is excited for the future endeavors on the horizon. Stephanie was born and raised in Stafford, VA where she met Keeisha West who is the inspiration driving the organization. Honoring Keeisha’s memory while serving and supporting her community is why she welcomed the opportunity to be part of Breathing Blessings.

La Toyia Carter joined Breathing Blessings as a member of the board in 2018. Her passion lies in giving back to her community through charitable efforts, and she wholeheartedly believes "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required;" (Luke 12:48.) La Toyia met Keeisha West through mutual friends and they quickly bonded through their mutual love of motorcycles. La Toyia is a native of Gary, Indiana, but has called the Northern Virginia area home for more than 20 years. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration from St. Augustine’s University and an M.A. in Criminal Justice from American Public University. She is a small business owner with her husband Rick and has 2.5 children; Kaylynn, Kaleb, and their fur baby named Ace King Raphael. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling the world.

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